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The Red Bar

Grayton Beach, Florida


The Red Bar

If the food doesn't get you, the music will.

Iconic is a word that sometimes get's tossed around without much thought.  Not this time.

The Red Bar, for anyone who has spent any time in the 30A area of Walton County, Florida (between Destin and Panama City) this is a truly iconic travel stop.  Go to Grayton Beach, in the heart of 30A.  You can't miss The Red Bar.

Great food, music, drinks, a beach front atmosphere of pure fun and some of the best people at their best make this travel stop one that you will never forget and to which you will almost surely plan you return.

The Red Bar has a wonderful lineup of merchandise and a great online store where you can go to show your support for these great folks, who provide us with experiences that enhance our travels.

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